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Lands & Environment

Lands & Environment – 77 Anishnabeg Road
Phone: 519-289-2662
Fax: 519-289-3117


Kelly Riley – 209

Acting Lands & Environment Director/
Treaty Researcher


Theodore Albert – 210

Lands Manager


 Rochelle Smith – 212

Events & Promotions Coordinator


Fallon Burch – 213

Consultation Coordinator
(Maternity Leave)


Victoria Deleary  – 211

Treaty Research Coordinator


Emma Young – 211

Sr. Environment Officer


Please visit our Land Code Website.


COTTFN First Nation is developing a Land Code for our community to vote on. The goal is to take back control from Aboriginal Affairs so that we can manage our own lands based on rules set forth by our own community.  All COTTFN members will be able to vote on whether to accept the Land Code or to stay under the management of Aboriginal Affairs.

The COTTFN Land Code would allow COTTFN, for example, to:

  • Make timely business and land decisions without having to go to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs for approval (for example, Council could approve leases without having to go through AANDC);
  • Pass and enforce our own laws for environmental management/protection and for the protection of cultural heritage and values;
  • Deal with the disposition of marital property in a way that does not discriminate between men and women;
  • Have clearer, expanded powers of protection against federal expropriation; and
  • Increased accountability to our members.


The Framework Agreement of First Nation Land Management (the “Framework Agreement”) was signed by the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and 13 First Nations on February 12, 1996. The goal was for First Nations to take over the control and management of their reserve lands and resources outside the Indian Act. The Agreement was ratified on June 17, 1999 by the First Nations Lands Management Act.

COTTFN has been added as a signatory to the Agreement. The final step for COTTFN to exercise its land management is to create and enact our own Land Code and enter into an Individual Agreement with Canada.

Please visit the Lands and Environmental Website for current drafts, and final versions, of the various documents necessary to complete the COTTFN Land Code vote.