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Curbside Recycling


Currently, the only means of recycling available to community members is through the use of a drop off location. For example, community members are invited to drop off the following items for recycling into the bins for cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans located at Antler River Elementary School.

The Lands & Environment department has developed a Curbside Recycling Work Plan and plans to identify the best

 means of incorporating a curbside recycling program for the households of COTTFN. It would require some education on what can be recycled, how often would the recycling bin be serviced, what this will cost COTTFN, can COTTFN locate funding via community benefit agreements with various proponents, etc.  The picture to the right is what a usual bin would look like for curbside recycling in COTTFN.

Please contact Lands & Environment at 519-289-2662 Ext.212 for any comments or concerns.