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324 Chippewa Road Muncey, ON
Telephone: 519-289-0621
Fax: 519-289-0633

News & Updates

Scheduled Board of Education meetings
January 8th & 29th @ 5pm

February 6th & 21st @ 5pm

Administrative Assistant
Chantelle Kechego – Ex 200

Program Liaison & Support Counsellor
Debbie Dolson - Ex 203

Post Secondary Counsellor
Andrea Young – Ex 204

Interim Education Director
Tammy Deleary – Ex 202

Crystal Kechego

Danielle Grosbeck

Evelyn Albert

Cathy Kechego

Felicia Huff

Jacqueline French
Council Liaison

Telephone: 519-289-1000

Antler River Web Site

Michael Butler

Gertrude Riley

Custodial Staff
T.J. Riley & Nick Henry

$750.00 stay in school incentive award

Indspire has a $750.00 stay in school incentive award for Indigenous high school students (youth) the deadline is November 1st and June 1st annually.

Bursary and Scolarships website for the guidelines and application at: